Weekend Reading

Greetings from Down Under! I’ve been having such a fun time with my brother in Australia, I spent a few days in Sydney and now I’m in Burleigh in Queensland, visiting with my expat cousins. Today we’re vising a wildlife sanctuary then will hang out with Aussie friends watching the Superbowl, it’s becoming a thing here now!

The thing I love about coming to Australia (this is my third visit) is meeing the people (always so kind) and discussing the similarities and differences between our countries, and also observing the cultural nuances, phrases, and perspectives. Do you find that to be your favorite thing about travel too?

I’ll be home on Wednesday then back to work, meanwhile some favorite links spied around the web….

Love the shelving and open design in this black + white kitchen.

Fascinated with these wool textile wall hangings.

Things to do on a plane if you’re bored.

Great tutorial on how to install cement tile flooring.

How to overcome gym intimidation.

A brave story of self love.

What drawing an X says about your personality.

How to be an artist.

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