Creative Uses for Rolling Carts

One of my goals for 2019 was to spend more time making art. This wasn’t just a casual idea made on the fly, I’ve been thinking about this for months. I always feel so good when I’m channeling my inner artist, it’s therapeutic isn’t it? I think it’s connected to when we’re kids and we spent several hours a week being creative with art supplies. I decided to create a space for myself to bring this creative process back into my life.

There’s a little corner of my design studio where the natural light is so perfect for this endeavor. Just outside the windows, there are pretty plants in view, and on a sunny day it’s a magical spot where the light streams in and warms this little corner of my world.



I invested in an art table, swivel stool, and a collection of art supplies to get me going. I’ve gathered acrylics and watercolor paints, markers and colored pencils, all contained in a rolling cart from Target. This is the spot where I’ll be spending several hours a week as part of my new commitment to create more art!




It got me thinking… aren’t rolling carts the best thing ever? They’re compact, versatile, and mobile and can serve so many purposes. I wrote about the IKEA Molger cart several years ago and styled it three ways: in the bathroom, in the playroom, and in the laundry room.

But there are so many other ways to use rolling utility carts!


Breakfast Stand

Wheel your coffee maker and small appliances wherever you wish to serve.




Bathroom Caddy

One of the most useful spots of all, a rolling cart can hold beauty products and towels for daily skincare.


ikea blog


world market


Catchall Nightstand

Keep one next to the bed for magazines, your markers for doodling, and to hold your books or cup of tea.


the everygirl


Creative Hobby Storage

Have a creative hobby? Like sewing, knitting, or crochet? Use it as your storage for your yarns and notions.




Clean Clothes Essentials

Laundry soap, cleaners, stain removers, and other cleaning products can be stored inside.


better homes & gardens


Herb Garden

Cooks, take a look! Use a cart for your indoor herb garden, wheel it into the sun by day and use it next to the range when you’re cooking by night.


this little street


Shoe Storage

In the entry or the closet, this cart is a great place to corral footwear!


ikea blog


Libation Station

Roll one around the party room when hosting a soiree!



chez larsson / the kitchn


Pantry Overflow

Kitchen extras or essentials can overflow into this hardworking storage cart.




Plant Stand

Spring is coming soon! But no need to wait, use a rolling cart for all your indoor plants and succulents too.




Office Supplies

A wider cart is useful in housing a printer and bins for paperwork in your home office.


sf girl by bay


January is the season for organization, and these are so versatile, aren’t they? Here are a dozen different carts to consider for your home organization projects!



wood trolley / matte gold / raskog by ikea

teal cart / gray round / chrome finish

red art cart / acrylic & gold / gold wire

wood and gold / rose gold / black metal square


from Mix ID 8292402


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