Weekend Reading

I’ve been keeping myself busy this week assembling my new office space, it’s all coming together so well. With the fresh paint on the walls and the furniture in place, I’m ready to tackle 2019 with new energy. There’s something about having a new office that’s jump started so many ideas, I’m so so happy to have a new place to work, I’ll be sharing it soon!

I’ve been doing all sorts of self improvement things too …. isn’t that what January is all about? I’m listening to new podcasts and clearing out clutter from drawers and bins and life. Tossing out all the things that snuck in and piled up (in my mind, in my house) and I’m making space for new ideas and opportunities.

I’ve also booked another trip! I know myself, If I don’t have a travel adventure in my future I get twitchy, so I took advantage of a great holiday fare. I’m returning to Australia to visit my expat cousins at the end of January. This will be my third visit and I’m taking my brother along with me this time. My brother and I are really close but we have never had the chance to travel together because of life and work and scheduling conflicts so we decided it was finally time to take that trip! We will be flying to Sydney to see the sights for a three days, then hopping up to the Gold Coast for another four days before returning home. My brother has never visited Australia, so it will be fun to observe his experience for the first time.

Favorite links from the week!

This fresh and funky “brass monkey” home tour.

Want a wine country getaway? Consider these sweetly decorated bungalows.

Benefits of a minimalist home.

Maria has a great 2019 trend forecast (peach and forest green!)

Oh no, say it ain’t so! Scented candles and poor air quality.

Perspective: alcohol as a ritual, a choice, and a depressant.

The Spiderman paradox: with great power comes great responsibility.

One of my goals: become a better listener.

Feel good story: this man’s donation saved many lives.

Funny SNL sketches where the actors broke character.

Made me laugh: this local man in a bar.



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