2018 Recap

Here we go, starting a new year! I’m a little late in getting this post up, it’s hard to get back to work after a lazy week off, but I’m finally feeling recharged and ready to go. 🙂

This time of year always feels so good to me, the promise of a fresh start and a new calendar year. It’s also a time of year to look back on what you’ve achieved, that’s the nice thing about having an online journal like this, I can pat myself on the back for everything I created, everything I accomplished, and everything I learned.

I’m finishing up my new office space and will feature that soon, hopefully next week! Meanwhile, I rounded up some of my favorite content, a few space renovations, some DIY projects, and few amazing places I had the opportunity to visit and write about last year.

Here’s a look back at the Best of 2018!

Design Articles

Every other week I’ll write about trends or classics in interior design, this year there were at least a dozen but these resonated most:


mixing metal finishes in bathrooms / alternatives to white shiplap

blue kitchen cabinets / terra cotta floors / suspended kitchen shelving trend


Space Makeovers

You know me, I love a great space renovation! This year I featured four that I remodeled, and one client that I guided through her kitchen renovation.



black and white bathroom / flip house kitchen / kassie & david’s kitchen

flip house bathroom / laundry room refresh



DIY Projects

I’m an incurable DIYer, if I envision something and need to make it happen, I do it myself! These are my five favorite projects (with tutorials) from the year:



ocean inspired resin art / pantry shelves with dividers

modern subway tile installation

no sew curtains and pillows / resin top desk




Most of my articles on resources flow from my own search for something, be it a piece of furniture or a decorative object or space makeover I’m working on, and I love to share my online finds with you.


single handle kitchen faucets / hip house plants 

 black + white pillow sources

abstract artists to know / minimalist mirrors




Second only to interior design, travel is the thing that excites me most! I was fortunate to visit new cities I’ve never seen and a few new countries too!


snapshots from seattle / the best of belgium / walking around bergen 

cool things to do in austin / prague & overtourism



And the most popular article of 2018 was….. my reflections on the “sea of sameness” in design.

I look back on 2018 I consider it a difficult year, mostly because of the fact that I lost my best friend and it took about two months before I felt like I could face the world and do good work again. I still think about that experience every day, and mourn her loss, but I hear her voice in my ear telling me to keep moving forward, creating and designing and sharing it with you, which is my plan for 2019.

February will be the ten year mark for me (what? wow!!) If you’d suggested to me in February of 2009 that I’d be where I am today, I never would have believed it, but that’s the power of putting yourself out there, working hard, and having that work resonate with readers.

So from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful to all of YOU who continue to read along. Cheers to a creative, exciting, productive 2019!!


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