Weekend Reading

Holiday hellos friends! Tonight’s is the last of the holiday parties to attend, then I’m going to settle in for a week of preparation before Christmas arrives.

My brother and his family will be visiting from the east coast next week, and I’m really excited to see them since they live so far away. No one makes me laugh harder than my older brother Tim so I’m looking forward to hearing his stories and sharing meals with him, his wife, and his teenagers.

Favorite links:

Perfection: the scale of the tile and touches of black in this bathroom.

So serene: this minimalist modern home in sunny Spain.

Kitchen trends that are “in” and “out”. (I disagree with #8).

She’s so interesting and one of my favorite icons: Dolly Parton.

The “Christmas Comet” is blazing past our planet this weekend.

New habits: taking 10 minutes to change your perspective.

Well said: consider a new standard of measurement.

Maintain that waistline through the holidays with these lettuce wrap recipes.

Rediscovering my daughter through Instagram.

Ha ha, great idea Alaska Airlines.


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