Attractive Semi Flush Mount Fixtures

Operation New Office is underway! I have a new design space I rented and it includes a separate room where I’m setting up my new office! Having a separate workspace outside the house feels really good and I’ve discovered helps me be more productive because there is far less distraction. I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks on how that space is developing and I’m hoping to have it complete by the end of the month so 2019 will truly be a fresh start!

Right now the space is a blank canvas with plain white walls and natural wood floors, (yay!) but zero personality. I’ve been shopping for lighting and shelving and I’m looking at different paint colors. I’m also swapping out the ceiling light fixture. On my Insta stories I share the old fashioned semi flush mount fixture that lives there now.

The space needs an upgrade so I went in search of the perfect replacement and of course like I always do I’m sharing some really great flush and semi flush mount light fixtures I discovered in my search!



beaded 3 light / conifer (also in brass) / brass triune

black & brass globe / space age goldbronze bands

cast porcelain / mod creation globe light / farmhouse black & white

quoizel geometric / ombre glass (also bronze) / gray silk

fabric drum / mid century sputnik  / crimped gold stripe

gold criss cross / steel art black


I’ll surprise you with the one I picked!


from Mix ID 8292402


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