Printable Desk Calendar (Inexpensive Gift Idea)

With the holiday rush, there’s so much pressure to get a little something for everyone on your list. Today I’m sharing an inexpensive gift idea to give to your friends or teachers or coworkers. Or keep one for yourself! And it costs less than $5 !

I made two versions of these free printable 2019 desk calendars, perfect for anyone who works at a computer. They look so cute on a desktop sitting on an easel!



I created two versions of this free printable calendar, one in black + white and one in color:





When you print them you’ll notice I added a faint perforated line so they can be evenly cut in the same size.









The PDF printable calendars are available to download for free in both watercolor waves ….




…. and a black and white version.



Download the PDFs here:

Watercolor Waves 2019 Desk Calendar

Black + White 2019 Desk Calendar






To give as a gift, print them out (I recommend cardstock not regular printer paper) and combine the calendar in a small gift bag with a mini easel for display. I found both the mini white and acrylic easel and the black easel at Michael’s craft store where they sell easels large and small, they are both less than $5. 🙂

By the way the DIY resin top desk is totally amazing and holding up beautifully, I’m still so pleased with how it turned out!!

More holiday gift ideas coming soon!

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