DIY: Ornament Vases

For a holiday table, I prefer centerpieces that are simple, natural, and as close to effortless as possible.

A few days ago, I was browsing my local Michael’s craft store and came across their clear glass ornament section (the ones you can decorate any way you wish) and I thought to myself those skinny disc versions would make really cute bud vases on a table top if you flipped them upside-down.

And they do. 🙂



This project is not sponsored, but I did find all the supplies at Michaels. I brought six disc glass ornaments in addition to a long wood pallet plaque I found in the wood section of the store. Note, the wood plaques are marketed as sign makers and they have a piece of twine on the back but I clipped that off.

To make this simple ornament vase centerpiece, you’ll need the following: rectangular wood pallet plaque, six disc glass ornaments, gold spray paint & painter’s tape; hot glue & glue gun, six votive candleholders and tea lights.



First, spray paint the bottoms of the vases gold. I did so by taping them off at a diagonal, then giving them a light coat of gold leaf spray paint (Krylon’s Gold Leaf has always been a favorite).



Once the vases are dry, position the tea lights on your plank to give you an idea where the votive candleholders will sit.



Using the hot glue gun, dab a small pea sized amount on the bottom of a vase then secure it to your plank. I tilted mine slightly off center and varied the angles for a less predictable layout.




Fill the vases with fresh cut stems for a vibrant and natural autumn display. I did not use any water in these vases. You could, but I’d caution you to use only a few tablespoons, and you’ll have to use a funnel or basting tool to fill their smaller openings. I reasoned that the centerpiece is only on the table for a few hours at the most so water wasn’t necessary for a temporary setup.









This idea works just as well for a Christmas table too, simply substitute evergreens for autumn leaves.









Having the vases and candle holders all set on one board makes the centerpiece easily moveable before and after your meal. 🙂



There’s no need to store the centerpiece as created. The vases will pop off the wood plank, but be careful doing it, I broke one because I tried to do it too quickly. Just bend and nudge them gently and the ornaments will pop off the board.


If you remember to keep the tops, you can reuse them as decorations on your tree.


You can also carefully remove the hot glue from the wood board with the tip of a butter knife, and repurpose the wood plank. I’ll be using mine as an everyday planter base, the wood adds nice contrast and warmth to my collection of white potted plants.



More holiday ideas coming soon!



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