Modern Wall Planters

Sunday I took a few hours off to stroll around my town’s downtown shops, one of them specializes in plants and eclectic planters, and every time I walk inside it’s pure zen. I have a lot of plants in pots around my house but have yet to hang them on the wall, and this cute macramé planter in my local shop got me thinking… I should!


Macramé doesn’t feel right in my home so I don’t decorate with it, but macramé is still trending and it looks great wherever you want to introduce a bohemian vibe.

I prefer contemporary wall planters especially ones in geometric shapes or creative textures. Wall planters are less effort than wall vases especially if you’re using air plants, or succulents, or mini cactus – they need very little water which translates to easier maintenance indoors.

A few favorites for adding a little dose of greenery to your walls….


gold circles / umbra geometric / black macramé

speckled stone  / triangle set

matte ceramic / hanging ceramic

colorful triangles / hanging wall planter / vita metal


You might also like this roundup of hip house plants.


from Mix ID 8292402


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