Weekend Reading

Weekend greetings! I’m headed back home to California today after a much needed getaway. Hawaii is always so good for the soul and I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the upcoming holiday season! I gathered so much inspiration while I was here, everything from artwork to hotel lobbies to tropical botanicals. I can’t wait to take action and put my creativity to work incorporating much of what I’ve seen!

If you follow me on Instagram you got a peek at this hotel’s lobby where I stayed on my last night, it has so much style, color, and visual stimulation, don’t miss it. 🙂

Links loved from the past week:

The creative use of basic rectangular tile in this shower.

Speaking of bathrooms, how perfect is this contemporary vanity.

A very clever way to fill the space above upper cabinets.

These kitchen cabinets are the perfect shade of green.

So many beautiful uses of natural wood in this hotel.

Kim’s navy and neutral living room looks so fresh for fall.

For locals and travelers: ten amazing views in San Francisco.

Corn mazes to visit across the United States.

Have a great weekend everyone!






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