Minimalist Mirrors

I finally clicked “order” on a pair of blue club chairs I’ve had my eye on, they arrived this week and I really love them. They’re the perfect size and dose of color I needed to create a cozy conversation area. I also changed up the mirror on the mantel, I used to have one that was more ornate but I swapped it for a minimalist gold round one.

I love mantels styled with artwork but above my mantel I default to a mirror. I’ve been simplifying my life as much as possible and it’s directing my decorating style so this minimalist mirror appealed to me the most.



The thin frame round mirror is a classic look and doesn’t beg for attention. I love hanging them in bathrooms too to soften all the angles. I found a few more minimalist mirrors with different color frames including wood and brass, bronze, and silver tones.

The mirror I bought is the same as this gold round mirror pictured below and it cost less than $200. 🙂


 posen wood – 30”


bronze metal – 30”  (also brass, rose gold, and nickel)



thomas round – 36” bronze


abham rose gold – 31


antique silver sierra – 34”


layne silver – 36”  (also in gold and bronze)


pale wood – 32”


mayfair gold – 34”


avery gold – 34”

from Mix ID 8292402


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