Weekend Reading

Happy weekend everyone! It’s been an unusually busy one for me. Between the high school homecoming game and dance and sleepovers and soccer games, I didn’t have much time to sit still.

I did have the house to myself on Friday night for a few hours so I watched this post war film on Netflix curled up on my sofa in my pajamas with a glass of wine. I loved it, and I highly recommend it for anyone who loved Downton Abbey, you’ll spy a few familiar faces in the movie.

Favorite links:


Target teamed up with Society 6 artists, find the cool art prints here.

A charming farmhouse renovation that’s now an Airbnb rental.

Stylish and family friendly: this transitional home tour.

It’s time to get your fire pit ready for fall!

The prettiest house plants, all made with paper by this artist. Via Gardenista.

I’m crazy the color of this stack bond tile bathroom installation.

Mindful water and energy saving tips.

The military secret to falling asleep in 2 minutes.

45 travel films from the past 50 years.

Fascinating and fabulous: the world of cruise ship entertainers.


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