Spotlight: Resin Artists

After trying my hand at resin art for the first time with these ocean inspired pieces, I discovered I really like getting creative with this medium. With resin, you mix colors, you pour, you blend, the magic happens, and in the end you get a slightly unpredictable yet absolutely beautiful abstract piece of art with a high gloss shine. It’s made me want to RESIN ALL THE THINGS.

I was so inspired I decided to create a resin top for my new DIY desk and I did it! Last weekend, I created this amazing surface with such cool detail. Then that night I got cleaned up, I went out on the town and upon my return, I discovered my cat had danced all over the surface completely ruining it. UGH. So…. I have to redo the entire desktop and this time you can be sure that cat will be on lockdown until the surface dries.

I started researching artists that do this professionally and discovered some very talented artists selling and showcasing their work online and on Instagram. Resin artwork is more expensive because resin epoxy is more costly than acrylic paint so it drives the prices up, but still, take a peek at some of these pieces large and small, they are the coolest and worth the price for an original piece of art.

These artists get really creative with the fluid resin medium, they use crystals and gold leaf to make geode wall art, special lacing techniques to create wave art, and also use resin epoxy to make home decor and jewelry.  Be sure to check out their portfolios to be inspired, purchase, or commission an original piece.


Mrs. Colorberry


 portfolio / instagram

Tamsin Pearse


portfolio / instagram

Art by Loyal


etsy shop / instagram


Ann Upton


portfolio / instagram


Mitch Gobel


portfolio / instagram


Elaine Dilay


portfolio / instagram

Liza Vaughn


instagram / youtube


Iveta Horvath




Phoebe Moonyean Gander



Martine Vanderspuy


gallery / instagram

If you know of any other talented fluid resin artists, be sure to share them in the comments!



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