Weekend Reading

I hope you’re all enjoying these last days of summer vacation, my kids are back in school this week and I’m so happy they’re returning, they’ve been so lazy lately and need structure!

Yesterday I made more progress on my DIY desk project, and today I’m taking  planning on doing a little wine tasting in the afternoon at one of my favorite places to taste sparkling wine. I haven’t been in months and the weather is so warm. Since the air quality has improved (we’ve had more wildfires across the state), I’m looking forward to a relaxing day in wine country.

Favorite links…


There are so many elegant details in the Kendra Scott office tour.

Pricey but pretty! GE’s new matte white appliances.

Hooray for this sweet and simple unisex neutral nursery.

Isn’t this the most creative paper wall installation?

How to make a barn door with a modern look.

100 life skills everyone should know.

How Instagram Stories has altered the way we live.

The joys of female friendship.

Fellow Californians: check out these trips to plan in autumn.

Things to do in your free time that are more enriching than Netflix.


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