Decorating Ideas for Furnishing the New Deck

Now that the floating deck is done (or nearly done), my thoughts have turned to decor! Check out this inspiration board on what I’m planning to build, buy, and make over to get a relaxing, modern deck.

I suppose it’s only natural that once the floating deck build is more done than not-done, I’m no longer as concerned about how to create the frame or get the 45 degree angles right. Instead, my mind has moved on to the exciting decorating part.

In short: I want to park my tired ass on an outdoor sofa soooo bad, you guys. With a pretty little drink in a glass I just got from Homegoods. With some kind of spicy new cocktail recipe I created with jalapeños and cucumbers from my own garden. Under an umbrella that’s tilted juuuuust right to keep out the sun.

So, I drafted up this little design plan!

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Relaxed Modern Deck Mood Board

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deck mood board - inspiration decor ideas

The deck itself will be getting stained soon, which I’m thinking should be a warm medium brown that goes well with the exterior’s tan and white color scheme. In contrast, I’m really liking the idea of a black, white, and blue color scheme that will add some coolness (plus, we all know that’s my favorite color palette).

Since I already have two Adirondack chairs and a scrap wood bench, I’m in the process of painting those black (just finished today, barring any touch-ups — future post with a few painting tips coming soon). They’ll likely be the interim seating until the big sectional project starts.

DIY Modular Outdoor Sofa

But, since I don’t really want to spend the thousands it would cost to get a decent sectional, I’m going to have to build it. Here’s a little sneak peek at the design plan. I’ll share the woodworking plans once I go through the process and work out the kinks, but right now, just getting to this point is exciting!

diy modular outdoor sofa - future plans sneak peek

The idea for that future project is to build several pieces that all go together to form a sectional when lined up. This way, it allows the most flexibility when friends are over since each chairs can be moved around to form separate seats. It will make the cushions I’ll have to buy a little pricier since I’ll need individual ones for each chair, but I think this will make us happiest long-term.

Is there anything you think I should add? Anyone got some advice on outdoor sound options? I cannot WAIT to get out there and do some relaxing. Fingers crossed we can this fall!

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